Friday, 23 December 2016

Never give up! Until you find elachi in your biryani.

Today I attended Annaul Islamic Conference at IBA. A fascinating event it was. As I was at the stall of Youth Club Karachi. We were packing up after the end of the day when a student came to me and greeted me and as usual I responded. At first I couldn't recognize him but then I recalled. He was the guy who used to come to my old house as the cablewala. And here he was standing as a student in IBA. I asked him how he changed? He told me that he was guided to the way of Allah and this made things easier. He had barakaah in his wealth and always dreamed to study there. Now he is doing BBA, MBA and has bigger plans for future.


Success I not under Armani or Gucci wear rather under the rags of hard working people.

In this is a great lesson for us and that is never to lose hope in Allah because Allah says you come to me walking and I will come to you running.
Bye. Until next time. Allah'hafiz

" It's not your fault you were born poor but you fault if you die poor"
                           - not sure who said that but    
                             here it a lot